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About the Company

South Atlantic Design & Development, LLC wants to be your drafting / CAD service provider of choice.

South Atlantic Design & Development, LLC is a full service drafting, detailing and design firm providing its clients expert and quality drafting and design services. We specialize in residential, commercial, and structural drafting and design. South Atlantic Design also provides miscellaneous steel fabricators with detailed shop drawings. With over 28 years of experience in the construction field, designing and developing of construction documents, South Atlantic Design can provide a full range of professional and affordable design services. We can also assist contractors and developers with clear and concise construction documents, for their estimating and budgeting tasks. Our reputation is built on being able to understand and deliver a product to our clients is essential in today's construction and architectural market. Years of experience in the field has given us the ability to engage in the detailed design work needed for professional quality construction plans and shop drawings required to produce an end result that our clients want.

Our Promise

South Atlantic Design is committed to detailed and excellent working relationships with our clients, builders, contractors, architects, and engineers as well as providing high quality and on time delivery of drawings at affordable prices.

The company is devoted to using alternative designs, materials and construction methods where possible in order to help clients be more independent in their financial and environmental role in the world. Architectural design and the integration of solar and/or wind power components along with improved building materials play a big part in a good and economical project design.

South Atlantic Design & Development's goal is to be the service provider of choice, serving the private and industrial sectors as well state as local governments with dependable, quality plans and knowledgeable customer service while upholding the confidentiality of our clients

Consulting Staff

It would be wrong to think that South Atlantic Design & Development got its start without the help of some wonderful and generous people. Their experience has helped to benefit us and they have shared with us a wealth of knowledge that we can draw on. Some of these professional individuals are on our consulting and technical staff. We acknowledge their contributions and thank them for their support.

Mark Jackson, P.E.

Structural Engineer, Jackson Engineering, Inc.

Stephen Caskie, P.E.

Structural Engineer, Caskie Engineering, Inc.

Rachel Burton, AIA

Architect, Swallowtail, Inc.

Aaron Temple, M.E.

Mechanical Engineer, EPIC Engineering, Inc.

Michael Orcutt, P.E. LEED AP

Mechanical Engineer

Luther Ramsey

Contractor/Project Manager

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