You don't have to go half way around the world for professional, affordable outsource needs.

We can assist you with all your CAD drafting and design needs. We will work directly with you or your staff as if we were your own drafting department, adhering to your company's own policies and procedures. The results, a clear, clean and concise set of building plans.

Do you have an idea for a new addition? Thought about a new home and want to put some ideas on paper. Let South Atlantic Design help you put your thoughts and ideas together and on paper. One of the most overlooked processes in building a home is the drafting and planning stage.  Having a well thought out and accurate plan will save you time, money, and help keep your sanity. With just a little time spent with a member of our staff your vision of a new addition or home can be turned into plans contractors and builders can work with and understand.

Our graphics division can create presentations, 3D graphic visualizations and animation that can help your client visualize their project give you the edge you need to compete in today's market.

Architectural Drafting & Design

Miscellaneous steel & structural detailing

Site layout & planning

Interior space planning and design

Structural Drafting & Design

3D renderings, presentations, animation

Project take-offs and materials list

Fabrication Plans (wood, metal, composite, etc.)

Paper to CAD plans (PDF and/orDWG format

Energy Code compliant plans

Existing conditions plan (As-Built Plans)

Alternative energy and sustainable design practices

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SAD&D can incorporate alternative designs, materials and construction methods in order to help its clients be more competitive and independent in today’s market. Architectural design, integration of sustainable energy components and new and improved building materials play a big part in a good and economical project design.

Homesteads & Retreats / Cottages & Cabins:

Let us help you put your ideas on paper. Creating a home that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.  Have you always dreamed about having a mountain cabin or retreat that you can escape to on the weekends or retire too?

Let us help you get your ideas on paper where you can easily move walls or go bigger or smaller. Design plans play an important part of the clients design process.  Drawings give you the ability to see and change designs easily on paper rather than having to pay a contractor extra because you suddenly want the bedroom or kitchen to be a little bit bigger.

A homestead or retreat in the mountains can also be a safe haven and peaceful place where the family can escape to, away from the crowds of the urban subdivisions and city streets.

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